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Mary Rose Round 2 - June 22nd.

Pendle 0 - Nottingham 5

Pendle; Robert Essler(1), Roger Schofield(2), Paul Dowdall(8), Garry Wilson(9).
Visitors; Ian Vincent (0), Clive Goode (0.5), David Gunn (1), Ian Draper. (2).

'Don't take a knife to a gun fight'.....Beautiful sunny day, Notts were terrific company but even home advantage couldn’t save us - Slaughtered

Robert & Roger Vs IV & CG unfinished
Garry Vs Dave - 17
Paul Vs Ian Draper -17

Garry Vs Ian Draper unfinished
Robert Vs Ian -9
Roger Vs Clive -2
Paul Vs Dave Gunn -26.  

Level Golf League - 13rd June.

Pendle 16 - Culcheth 2

Pendle; Libby Dixon (2), Keith Terry(3), Will Drake(6).
Culcheth; Keith Woodward (4) Alan Wright (5) and Alistair Scott (11).

The weather for last Wednesday continued in the vain of the previous week very hot and dry. Lawns 3,4 and 5 were chosen to play on as 1 and 2 were particularly parched. The mornings play flowed in Pendle favour with Keith and Will having very close games, 7/6 , against Keith Woodward. At lunch everyone decided to take the opportunity to cool off inside the clubhouse.
In the afternoon the heat began to be felt by everyone and after some games refreshments were needed.
The teams enjoyed an afternoon tea of cake, washed down liberally with tea.

Pendle June Advanced, 9/10th June

Lee Hartley (Fylde CC) Won the David Openshaw Claret Jug.

Report from Peter Wilson:
We were lucky to have thirteen entries this year. Apart from the opening of play each day, thirteen allowed for very little sitting out. Sunshine, no breeze, tight hoops. Good to see many returning players who have had time out with injury including Dave Nick and Lee Hartley who both added to their TP tallies.
The only problem was how to award three equally weighted trophies at the end of the tournament given the usual demands of flexibility and voracious game appetites - Paul Hands to the rescue (CROQUET, January 1990, Issue No. 207, pp 26-27).

So it ran as a KO plus a combined F4 & F5 with the modification that every game was equally weighted. We had the luxury of no time limits which was well received by everyone.Several two and three ball endings were played out which may have otherwise been time affected.

With the favourable conditions everyone took all the games they could get, being ‘ready to play’ straight away. At least that is until after lunch on Sunday. At that point some players quite correctly took a dvantage of the ‘resting’ slot to see how things might unfold (Or had they simply seen the weather forecast?).
However the Jeremy Dyer Trophy Winner Chris Martin (Meadows) took a brave gamble and opted to be ready to play although his next opponent would be a minus player. Winning that game in fine style secured the trophy. Well played. With only a few final games in play, a sudden and heavy thunder storm brought many of the non critical games to an abandoned end.
The Chris Clarke Trophy went to Paul Rigge (Pendle & Craven) this was intended and fulfilled for the best handicap 1 or below performance but fittingly could also double as the KO runner up.

Photo narrative: Having been diligently returned from the Uruguayan Embassy Croquet Department The manager Peter Wilson presented the beautiful David Openshaw Claret Jug to Lee Hartley from Fylde Croquet. Photos; Liz Wilson.

'B' Adv away to Southport - 6th June.

Southport 2 - Pendle 3

Pendle; Peter Wilson(0), Andrew Webb(3), Paul Dowdall(8).
Southport; John Haslam(), Alan Pidcock(), Don Williamson().

Paul Dowdall & Andrew Webb lost to
John Haslam & Alan Pidcock
Peter Wlson Beat Don Williamson

Peter Beat John
Andrew lost to Alan
Paul D Beat Don

W/E Hcp Vs Bowdon Firs - June 2nd.

Pendle 4 - Bowdon Firs 3

Pendle; Robert Essler(1), Andrew Webb(3), Paul Dowdall(8), Robin Delves(12).
Bowdon Firs; Frank Moir(1.5), John Lucas(3.5), Chris Evans(10), Steve Reynolds(11).

Robin & Andrew Vs Steve & Frank +3t
Paul Vs John -10
Robert Vs Chris -2

Robin Vs Steve +1t
Robert Vs Frank W/O
Andrew Vs John -3t
Paul Vs Chris +21.  

Longman Cup Vs Bowdon, 27th May.

Pendle 3 - Bowdon 4

Pendle; Paul Dowdall(8), Catherine Parnell(9), Robin Delves(12), Libby Dixon(16).
Visitors; Will Mellor(4.5), Graham Abraham(5), Adrian Apps(8), Mike Shelmerdine(8).

Summer continues but we are out of this year's CA "FA Cup" competition at round one.

Robin & Catherine Vs Will & Mike -23
Paul Vs Adrian +2t
Libby Vs Graham -20

Paul Vs Will -6
Catherine Vs Graham -4t
Robin Vs Adrian +13
Libby Vs Mike +23.  

Level Golf League - 23rd May.

Bury 9 - Pendle 9

Bury; David Barrett(1), Ken Eccless(3), Margaret Eccles(3).
Pendle; Paul Rigge(-2), Keith Terry(3), Will Drake(6).

Beautiful summer day, blue sky & 23 C – fast closely cropped courts.
We travelled down to Bury and the rounds went to script, all games going the way of handicap order for PR & WD, only Keith excelled winning all 4 of his games against matching Hcp’s.

Then the wheels fell of PR’s wagon, he peeled DB’s ball through H2 from 3yrds attempting a clearance. Scored H4 for the opposition with a failed jump and again missed-cued jumps at H8 AND H10 – PR got felled (a bit like the missing fir – brought down by storm damage) with DB’s very solid play.

"B" Advanced Vs Chester - May 22nd.

Pendle 3 - Chester 2

Pendle; Liz Wilson(1.5), Andrew Webb(3), Paul Dowdall(9).
Visitors; Jerry Guest(2.5), John Dawson(3.5), David Guyton(5).

Heat wave under bright blue sky Liz & Paul D played (and won) against Jerry & David, but Andrew lost his morning singles with John - So one all at lunch.
Afternoon session; Liz managed to get to the peg with a win +7 just before time, Andrew went down again but Paul D won +1t with a *golden* hoop - sounds better than saying 12-11 win in the time turn, still a overall win to us!

Club 'Open' Day - 20th May.

Despite publicity for two weeks prior to the event in the "What's on" section of the local press, all of the four women who attended, did so because of the response to the article on croquet in the letters section of said paper.
Of those who attended only two proved to be interested in the game and they have chosen, at this stage to wait until they are free at the end of August and attend with their husbands.
These two ladies have been given Peter's telephone number and mine. Though all attendees were asked for contact details, nobody was willing to disclose them.

Thanks go to Abdul and Roger for helping on the day. Our latest member also attended to "have another go" and I believe that this cemented his wish to join our club.

'B' Level Golf Croquet Tournament - Saturday 19th May

David Lloyd Wins...

On a scorching hot day, the round robin for the Pendle B level golf tournament was played, all players played 13 point games ‘in the spirit of the game’ - the croquet was excellent with many fine clearance shots being played, but as the grass dried, hoop approaches just continued rolling!
Finesse was at a premium – a delicate sense of pace was required.

David Lloyd was the clear winner and will be playing in the final at Camerton and Peasedown in October.

Game Details;

Player Hcp Wins Net Hoops
David Lloyd 4 6 16
Roger l'Anson 4 5 5
Pauline Donner 4 5 4
Will Drake 5 4 4
Michael Bilton 3 3 -1
Roy Donner 6 3 -2
Jane Tewson 5 2 -4
Sue l'Anson 8 0 -22

Mid Week Hcp League - 16th.

Bury 4 - Pendle 3

Two strong teams were matched against each other at Coronation Park.
In the morning session, Peter Wilson beat Tony Phillips 26-23 after pegging out tony's front ball. Roger Schofield, playing for Bury, beat Liz Wilson +7, whilst Peter Dewhurst and Garry Wilson narrowly beat Barbara Young and Margaret Eccles +1.
Unfortunately the morning's slender lead could not be maintained. Liz lost to Tony 26-16, Peter lost to Roger 21-14t and Garry lost to Barbara 26-13. Only Peter won a dour match of cat and mouse against Margaret.
The score after the final turn being 10 - 9t in Peter's favour!

Pendle B/C level Tournament - May 12/13th

Clive Good won the B level and Garry Wilson won the C level.

With twelve entrants, the format was an Egyptian competition for the overall winner, but within it, an all-play-all for the three C level competitors trying to win the inaugural C level trophy.

After the first day, the two B level favourites Derek Watts (1) from Tyneside and Clive Goode (1) from Nottingham were lagging behind Dennis Scarr (1.5) from Middlesborough, who had won all three of his games. His overnight lead was sustained with the first of his two Sunday games.
He had now won four games yet needed to play a fifth. The only player in possible contention was Clive Goode who could overtake Dennis, should he win.

The final game would provide the tournament winner and with a reversal of fortunes, Clive beat Dennis +16 to take the B level title by one point.

The C Level was decided earlier with Garry Wilson (10) from Pendle beating Joe Lennon (8) from Glasgow on a golden hoop and then beating Rosemary Saunders-Robertson (8) of Edinburgh +7.

There were notable disasters for some and excellent scalps for others, but the weather made for enjoyable croquet no matter the outcome.
The only handicap change was Garry triggering down to 9.

Murphy Shield away at Durham - May 10th.

Durham 4 - Pendle 3

Croquet Durham fielded a strong side for this fixture;
Nigel Martin (2), Malcolm Hobbs (3), Dave Hobbs (4) and Peter Tymms (4).

The Doubles match Paul Dowdall (3) and Keith Terry (3), took three hours to reach a conclusion. The win by Pendle featured a remarkable stroke by Paul - double bouncing over two balls to run the hoop.
Will Drake (6) and Garry Wilson (6) had capitulated in the morning session - Will losing 7-3, 6-7, 7-5 and Garry losing 6-7, 7-5, 7-5, so at lunch we were 2-1 down.

In the afternoon session, Garry made short work of Dave Parsons, beating him 7-4, 7-4 in 40 minutes. Sadly Will lost 7-3, 7-6 to give a 3-2 advantage to Durham.
It was not to be Pendle's day as Keith went down to Malcolm Hobbs 7-5, 7-1.
Hurt pride was restored just a little when Paul beat their lead player Nigel 7-6, 5-7, 7-4. Thus a 4-3 victory to Durham takes us out of this year's Murphy Shield. Defeated but not cowed!

Level Golf League - 8th.

Pendle 10 - Southport 8

Home fixture - the visitors gave us a close games, Libby, Paul D & Keith.

Level Golf League - May 1st.

Chester 6 - Pendle 12

Travelled to Chester for 10am start - Worth the trip, Away win on Chester *slope* in bright sunshine with Libby, Paul R & Will.

19th Lancashire Open Golf - April 28/29th

Dr Tim King retained the title and trophy from last year, now his second time.

Without the help and assistance of nearly all the membership being utilized to prepare P&CCC's Hut (cleaning), Courts (mow, mop, white-line, setup), Food (Lunch, Teas, Drinks), this 'A' class event wouldn't have been possible this year - *Thank You* each and everyone!

Abdul again managed with his usual calm manner, with an 'all-play-all' 18point block leading to 'best of three' 13point games for the top four qualifiers within the block.
Member Paul R, didn't drop a game in the blocks but Libby left her qualification into the KO until her very last block game - and even then, only scraping through on 'net hoops' difference against Freda.

However in the Semi's Libby brushed PR aside to face Tim in the Final
(The consolation event (by player vote) was games of leisurely doubles play).

Further details on;

Midweek Hcp League - Apr 26th

Westmorland 2 Pendle 5

The doubles team of Robin Delves (12) and Peter Dewhurst (12), playing Sue Pritchard (16) and David Lloyd (8), a pairing of equal bisque value, made an excellent start with a +19 win.
This was fallowed up by Garry (10) beating Ivan Wheatley (6) +18. However, as we waited for the outcome of the final morning match, it looked like a very long shot for a further Pendle win. Mike Hayward (18) of Westmorland was already on peg and penult with Paul Dowdall (9) on 6 and 1. A few turns later Mike had both balls on peg. Paul took one ball to peg and pegged out one of his opponent's balls. At times nail biting, Paul finally took his back ball to peg and won 26-25, to applause from both his team mates and opponents.

The 3-0 lead at lunch became 3-1 as Robin went down to Mike +23. Mike used his bisques to great effect, barely giving Robin a look in.
Garry secured the fixture for Pendle by beating David +23.
Ivan regained some of his form to beat Paul +8 and Peter brought the team home to a 5-2 win by beating Sue +8.

No game went to time and the early finishes allowed us to have a very welcome pint at The Maypole, Long Preston on the homeward journey.

Handicap League - Apr 22nd.

Pendle 5 Bury Caesars 2

Home game - we win with Catherine Parnell, Paul D, Robin, Garry.

Ground Works - Apr 18th

Spring..Spring...Spring! Blue Sky, no wind & 23 Centigrade...Will Drake at age 94 out prepping courts for this weekend's League Matches

Mary Rose Round 1 - Apr 16th.

Pendle 4 - Tyneside 3

Pendle; Robert Essler(1), Roger Schofield(2), Andrew Webb(2.5), Garry Wilson(10).
Visitors; Phil Errington(0.5), Derek Watts(1), Terry Vernazza(2), David Millener(7).

What a day! Our *new* Mary Rose team did us proud. The weaker of the sides on paper, we took lunch leading 2-1 and soon gained another point thanks to our 'press-ganged' player, Garry.
Our Captain took us over the winning line, with the remaining two dead rubbers following later.

Mary Rose
Robert & Roger Vs Phil & Derek +16
Garry Vs Terry - 14
Andrew Vs David +8

Garry Vs David +19
Robert Vs Phil +14
Roger Vs Derek -8
Andrew Vs Terry -3t.  

Handicap League - Apr 7th.

Pendle 2 - Fylde 5

First League match of the season, Fylde visited and left the victors
Pendle: Andrew Webb 2, Paul Dowdall 9, Gary Wilson 10, Robin Delves (capt) 12
Fylde: Nathan Baker 3, Ian Theakstone 9 (capt ), Alann Morton 12, Peter Hallett 12
Due to the rain this match was likely to be cancelled or played at Fylde, but the weather held and play began. It was decided to play the singles first as this would give a result if the weather broke. Nathan took on Andrew and soon ran into a good lead , it didn't look as if would go the distance but it did with Nathan winning 13 - 22t.
Ian played Paul and although Paul soon went well ahead Ian kept up, and in the end came out the winner on time 19 - 22. Alan against Gary was a well fought game but Gary showed good form eventually beating Alan 26 - 21. Peter against Robin was tight game all through with Peter coming out on top by a single point on time 22 - 23t.So at break Fylde were up 3- 1.

In the afternoon session Ian and Peter played Andrew and Robin Ian soon went off to stop at 4 back and then it was touch and go game with the Fylde pair winning 26 - 13. Nathan Played Gary and although Gary had the bisques Nathan took control and won 17 - 26. Alan took on Paul and went down to a 26 14 defeat.
(report by Ian @ FCC)

John Beech Easter Tournament - Mar 30th/2nd April (~ish)


Scottish Raid Across the Border....
Pendle’s Easter Tournament ran from Friday afternoon until Monday Lunchtime. 14 competitors from as far away as Norfolk and Edinburgh turned up for what started out as a bitterly cold and somewhat soggy affair. As the days progressed the lawns dried out and the Easterly wind dropped leaving the players slightly less frozen as time progressed.

Easter Monday, however, dawned as predicted by the Met Office to reveal flooded lawns and snow so, much to the relief of all, play was cancelled for the final day. Winners were visited at breakfast in the hotel and trophies presented. All competitions were run as Egyptian and the Advanced competition was won by Lee Hartley who finished on equal points with Peter Wilson and Roger Schofield but had beaten them both.

The overall handicap competition winner was won by Lorna Dewar who gave an immaculate performance throughout winning 6 of her 7 games many of them +26. A handicap reduction from 16 to 11 is recommended by the CA Handicappers present but cannot be enforced on a Scottish player.

The High Handicap Trophy was won by Garry Wilson and the Low Handicap Trophy by Rosemary Saunders-Robertson. Joe Lennon won the fastest game.
Three of the trophies have now headed North of the Border! Anyone fancy a raid up there to get them back?

Automatic Changes; Liz Wilson 1.5 - 1.
Neil Chalmers 8 - 9

Club Lawn Preparations - Mar 20th

Well more success as court preparation finally starts for the season. 

Lawn Prep

Club Lawn Preparations - Mar 1st

Lawn Prep

On this year's first day of spring, the club's work day to prepare the hut and courts for the new season suffered a little set back from the planned works.. the so called "Beast from the East" hit! 

Club Annual Dinner - Jan 25

A New venue was tried for the Presentation Dinner and it seemed to be a popular choice. Sixteen members turned out on a very wet evening to celebrate all the Club's successes last year - good deep runs in all of the national tournaments, most finishing as beaten finalists but in one, the Longman Cup, Robin's Team grabbed the silverware.  

Longman Cup

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