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Indoor Sport - 18th Feb

Storm 'Dennis' (why name them in such a wimpy way) raged outside and the lawns were a little ten members retreated inside for an evening of 10-Pin Bowling. Garry booked us again into the Matrix Superbowl in Skipton for a double session of Ten Pin Bowling (Matrix Bowling). Petra again ensured that we all had fun.

Just for the records, this year's top tally was from Riggey.

Round-up of this week - 7th Feb

Pendle members seem to have mastered the work/life balance with three days of mass play this

week, some coaching was given & offset all that with a single 'work' day on the middle shelters.
The old summer houses and the two sheds in the centre of the lawns were cleared out of everything. Measured up and pegged out the bases for the lawn sand bunker and the top dressing bunker. Once this was done, the old sheds were 'up-cycled' with the walls/roofs used to create the storage bunkers.

Well not quite, The A Team of Roger, Paul D and Garry dismantled the first 'dropping to bits shed'. They have pegged out the calculated area, (which will take both 20 tons of sand and 20 tons of top dressing) sloping from 45 degrees. The back wall of the bunkers is now in place. Unfortunately they did not have enough time to break down the other two sheds and put the three walls at right angles into place.. so we're hoping that the construction withstands storm Ciara this weekend.
Fingers crossed!

Hut Repairs - 31st Jan

Today was a day of rain, so the first thing was to repair the boom sprayer. Repaired! Those nice people from the sprayer company have sent an extra cross nozzle body because it is what tends to break and now we have a spare. It must have been the sobbing down the phone when I ordered it, that did it!
The sun came out, so the gutters around the clubhouse have been cleaned out, the gutter rejoined where it had come apart down the back and the entire gutter system checked and re-screwed to the clubhouse where necessary. Much longer screws this time, so it should be ok for a while, but it needs to go on the annual check list.
I acquired some external brown hardwood filler, so at the same time as the gutters, I have filled the three holes in the clubhouse rear wall.
Once we remove the redundant electric lights that don't work, we will be ready to paint the rear and sides of the clubhouse. All volunteers most welcome. I will give plenty of notice - Chair.

Members Knock - 30th Jan

The warm snap arrives, so mowed and Sorrel rolled ahead of another busy club session as eight members wanted the courts back to have a winter knock upon.
This month Garry has also put the winter feed on the lawns last Tuesday. This is the last feed before we start the summer feeds as we enter the growing season.

Club 'Presentation' Dinner - 24th Jan

Again venue of choice - The Alma Inn. This year, sharing the back room with about half a dozen other dinners - we can only wonder what they thought about being invaded by a huge gang of Croquet People. Our Chairman, humorously failed to bring along the Internal Trophies, but during his speech mentioned all members who were valiant.



Club Coaching sesson - 16th Jan

Wow, just wow! people travelled collectively a total of 352.5 miles to attend today’s club ‘coaching’ session. Four ‘sort of’ played AC and four more played GC between 11:00 & 15:00. A bitter wind blew through but not a drop of forecasted rain fell. A good winters day was had before the mileage had to be repeated to get all home...

Club Practice Afternoon - 1st Jan

Libby (of course) started the member's Post-Christmas exercise regime today as she pulled the members together on a rather cool New Year's Day to play the first game of 2020. Present were Libby Dixon, Will Drake, Paul Dowdell and Peter and Gill Uglow. Roger Schofield also turned up later in the day and joined in the golf croquet.

After a cuppa we all went out for our first game of the competition - and we were all showing some good form - some more than others! Following the first game we retired for a lovely 'full English' (thanks Libby) before returning to the lawns for some serious play. Unfortunately bad light intervened before the competition was completed, but all agreed that it had been a great day.

Let's hope we can do this again next New Year's Day!

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