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BBC Interview - 11th Apr

Members Paul & Liz were interviewed by Scott Wallis on his "Talking Sport" show - a show that avoids discussing Football, Cricket, Rugby or any of the other 'mainline' pursuits and gives air-time to 'minor' less popular sports like ours.
Unlike most journalists, he treated us refreshingly seriously and allowed us to explain our passion.


IPDG Development Squad Weekend - Apr 6/7th.

Our Libby is on the rise...

Full report.

Handicap League - Apr 6th.

Fylde 3 - Pendle 4

Pendle had a good first win of the season after a tight game at Fylde. We were giving away a large number of bisques overall.
In the morning Robert and Catherine lost the doubles after a hard scrap, while Paul D managed an heroic win on a golden hoop against the mighty Peter Wilson. Andrew won a narrow victory against Catherine Bass.
In the afternoon singles, Robert won on golden hoop to Peter Wilson, (after another tough match) while Andrew lost to Ian Theakstone and Paul lost to Philip Bass, but Catherine Parnell redeemed Pendle by beating her namesake.

Well done team and long may the winning streak continue.

Indoor Sport - 26th Feb

The social aspect of the club was strongly evident this evening as twelve members & partners block-booked the Matrix Superbowl in Skipton for a double session of Ten Pin Bowling (Matrix Bowling). Huge thanks to Petra at Matrix for ensuring that we all had fun – what a great find, just us there, bowling across three lanes, a Bar not 10 paces from the lanes and food (Burgers, Dogs & Chips) readily available.

All committed to repeating this activity again, soon.
Being Croquet players and thus competitive by nature, it *does* matter who won/lost but I don’t have the final results in yet so I can't report but I suspect it was "Vegas Wilson".

Golf Ladder Starts - 14th Feb

Today saw 6 members turn out for a “fabulous”day of Croquet. With warm weather and sunshine it felt like April/May. The group decided to play the Golf Croquet Ladder; with a few changes. ( apologies to Mr Hand) . Nine games were played and Keith Terry is at the moment top of the Ladder with 120 points.
Robert arrived after lunch and mowed the lawns with the John Deer...They look fabulous.

The club all wish Will a successful surgery on Wednesday - There will be no chance for us once his cataracts are fixed. He already has the nick name “dead eye Dick” for his ability to run hoops from amazing distances.

Club Presentation Dinner - 25th Jan

Back to the Alma - great venue, given our own function room and menu for the occasion, greatly appreciated. huge thanks to the hotel management! Sixteen members turned out for an enjoyable evening. Good food, good conversation and lovely company. Thanks to Peter for his wonderful organisation.



Pendle is getting ready for the new season. Thanks to Keith for all his hard work (what have you done over the winter).

Club Practice Afternoon - 21st Jan

Libby (of course) pulled as many members together as she could for a knock in the winter 'sunshine' - really think the gloves give away the real temp!

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