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Formed in 1984 when John Beech and neighbour Norman Hicks started playing on their back lawns with several friends. The Croquet in Pendle Club was officially registered with the CA in 1985.

Early 1986 the Club started playing on 2 lawns at the Nelson and Colne College in Barrowford. Restricted hours of play were imposed;only 3 hours in the evenings and 7 hours at the weekends.

It began to taste success immediately. This prompted a successful recruitment drive resulting in the CA awarding the Club the Apps Heley trophy for the most progressive Club in 1986.



The success and the resulting publicity opened the door for longer playing hours and provided the opportunity for the members to pit their skills against other teams. The Club joined the NWFCC and Northern Leagues 1987 & 1988 respectively for the first time. It won the league title in its first year on both occasions.

The mobile caravan club house In 1994 the Club opened an extra 2 lawns at the College, but an arson attack on the "mobile caravan club house" necessitated the provision of a more "grand pavilion" which was duly opened in 1995.



All was well and the Club was enjoying success on and off the field of battle when the College decided that it needed the space where our pavilion was sited. It was agreed that a suitable spot in the same field but backing onto the nearby river was just right for the new location, so the services of a massive bulldozer and several "roller logs" were employed to move the pavilion and veranda into place.

Careful site planning enabled the Club to add another lawn to make a total of 5, although this last lawn was subject to flooding during the monsoon season.



Nothing lasts forever so the Club were shocked to hear that the College expansion plans decreed that our lawns were needed for building space so a move and relocation became a real necessity.

Eventually a new location was found and with much hard work and fund raising a much larger pavilion with all services was erected and the lawns laid out. This new location in Earby provided the space for 5 lawns and adequate car parking space, however as the Club was now located in another region it was felt that a new name for the Club should embrace both regions. The chosen name was Pendle and Craven Croquet Club.



The Club held an official opening day 12 July 2005 when we were blessed with a beautiful day so that invited guests were able to try our lawns and enjoy the hospitality for which the Club is well known.

Sadly our founder John Beech passed away a year later but has left us with a wonderful legacy .



Club Honours

Apps-Healey Award 1986
Townsend Award 1987
Mary Rose (Advanced)
Winners: 2007
Runners Up: 2000, 2008, '06 - 2019
Murphy Shield (GC)
Runners Up: '06 - 2019
Longman Cup (Hcp) 1991, 1996, '06 - 2019
Secretary's Shield (Hcp) 2009
National Short Croquet 1992

North West Federation
Festival Champions 1995, 2000
Handicap League 1991, 1994, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009
Midweek League 2004
Short Croquet League 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2002
Golf Croquet League 2007

Northern League
1988, 1990 (Forest), 1991 (Hill), 1999
East Pennine League2007, 2008
Midweek League 2004
Short Croquet League 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2002

Individual Honours

All England AC Handicap
1999, Abdul Ahmad
All England Golf
1999 David Hopkins, 2002 Abdul Ahmad

Club Internals

Barlow Ball

1994 Mr. Stephen Pratt
1995 Mr. David Barrett
1996 Mr. Roger Schofield
1997 not awarded
1998 Mr. Roger Schofield
1999 Mr. John Beech
2000 Mr. Roger Schofield
2001 Mr. Abdul Ahmad
2002 Mr. Roger Schofield
2003 Mr. Robert Essler
2004 Mr. David Barrett
2005 not awarded
2006 Mr. John Filsak
2007 Mr Robert Essler
2008 Mr. John Filsak
2009 Mrs Liz Wilson
2010 Mr. John Filsak
2011 not awarded
2012 Mr Roger Schofield
2013 Mr Andrew Webb
2014 Mr Andrew Webb

2018 Mr Paul Rigge

Aston Trophy (Hcp)
1987 Mr Vincent George
1988 Mr Jeremy Dyer
1989 Mr Stephen Pratt
1990 Mr David Barrett
1991 Mr James Coleman
1992 Mr James Coleman
1993 Mr Vincent George
1994 Mr Roger Coleman
1995 Mr Roger Schofield
1996 Mr Philip Tidswell
1997 not awarded
1998 Mr Robert Essler
1999 Mr Abdul Ahmad
2000 Mrs Liz Wilson

2001 Mrs Liz Wilson
2002 Mrs Liz Wilson
2003 Mr David Barrett
2004 Mr Robin Delves
2005 not awarded
2006 Mr Andrew Webb
2007 Mr Robin Delves
2008 Mr Abdul Ahmad
2009 Mrs Liz Wilson
2010 Mr David Pollitt
2011 Robin Delves
2012 John Filsak
2013 Robin Delves
2014 Roger Schofield

Pendle Shield - Short
1986 Mr John Beech
1987 Mr Jeremy Dyer
1988 Mr Roger Schofield
1989 Mr Vincent George
1990 Mrs Pat George
1991 Mr Roger Coleman
1992 Mr David Barrett
1993 Mr James Coleman
1994 Mr Abdul Ahmad
1995 Mr John Beech
1996 Mr Roger Schofield
1997 Mr Roger Schofield
1998 Mr David Pollitt
1999 Mr John Beech
2000 Mr Peter Dowdall
2001 Mr Roger Schofield
2002 not awarded
2003 Mr John Beech
2004 not awarded
2005 Mr Peter Dowdall
2006 Mr Peter Dowdall
2007 Mr Robin Delves
2008 Mr John Snowden
2009 Mr David Pollitt
2010 Mr David Pollitt


Shield - cont
2011 Mr Ron Welch
2012 Paul Dowdall
2013 Garry Wilson
2014 Robin Delves

Skelton Trophy Golf Handicap
1999 Mr David Hopkins
2000 Mr David Hopkins

Skelton - cont
2001 Mr Abdul Ahmad
2002 Mr Abdul Ahmad
2003 Mr Robin Delves
2004 not awarded
2005 Mr Keith Pinching
2006 Mr Peter Dowdall
2007 Mr Abdul Ahmad

2008 Mr Abdul Ahmad
2009 Mr Abdul Ahmad
2010 Mr Abdul Ahmad
2011 Mr Paul Dowdall
2012 Mr Roger Schofield
2013 Mr Jonty Parkinson
2014 Mr Paul Dowdall