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News - 2019

About Both Club & Members in that year 

Club Practice Afternoon - 21st Jan

Libby (of course) pulled as many members together as she could for a knock in the winter 'sunshine' - really think the gloves give away the real temp!

Pendle is getting ready for the new season. Thanks to Keith for all his hard work (what have you done over the winter).

Club Presentation Dinner - 25th Jan

Back to the Alma - great venue, given our own function room and menu for the occasion, greatly appreciated. huge thanks to the hotel management! Sixteen members turned out for an enjoyable evening. Good food, good conversation and lovely company. Thanks to Peter for his wonderful organisation.



Golf Ladder Starts - 14th Feb

Today saw 6 members turn out for a “fabulous”day of Croquet. With warm weather and sunshine it felt like April/May. The group decided to play the Golf Croquet Ladder; with a few changes. ( apologies to Mr Hand) . Nine games were played and Keith Terry is at the moment top of the Ladder with 120 points.
Robert arrived after lunch and mowed the lawns with the John Deer...They look fabulous.

The club all wish Will a successful surgery on Wednesday - There will be no chance for us once his cataracts are fixed. He already has the nick name “dead eye Dick” for his ability to run hoops from amazing distances.

Indoor Sport - 26th Feb

The social aspect of the club was strongly evident this evening as twelve members & partners block-booked the Matrix Superbowl in Skipton for a double session of Ten Pin Bowling (Matrix Bowling). Huge thanks to Petra at Matrix for ensuring that we all had fun – what a great find, just us there, bowling across three lanes, a Bar not 10 paces from the lanes and food (Burgers, Dogs & Chips) readily available.

All committed to repeating this activity again, soon.
Being Croquet players and thus competitive by nature, it *does* matter who won/lost but I don’t have the final results in yet so I can't report but I suspect it was "Vegas Wilson".

Handicap League - Apr 6th.

Fylde 3 - Pendle 4

Pendle had a good first win of the season after a tight game at Fylde. We were giving away a large number of bisques overall.
In the morning Robert and Catherine lost the doubles after a hard scrap, while Paul D managed an heroic win on a golden hoop against the mighty Peter Wilson. Andrew won a narrow victory against Catherine Bass.
In the afternoon singles, Robert won on golden hoop to Peter Wilson, (after another tough match) while Andrew lost to Ian Theakstone and Paul lost to Philip Bass, but Catherine Parnell redeemed Pendle by beating her namesake.

Well done team and long may the winning streak continue.

IPDG Development Squad Weekend - Apr 6/7th.

Our Libby is on the rise...

Full report.

BBC Interview - 11th Apr

Members Paul & Liz were interviewed by Scott Wallis on his "Talking Sport" show - a show that avoids discussing Football, Cricket, Rugby or any of the other 'mainline' pursuits and gives air-time to 'minor' less popular sports like ours.
Unlike most journalists, he treated us refreshingly seriously and allowed us to explain our passion.


John Beech Easter Tournament - 19th/22nd Apr

Earby basked in four days of 100% blue sky and 24C – to be fair, so did the entire country for the whole Easter Weekend. Despite the weather being as forecast, no late entries were received to play in this friendly (either Hcp or Adv) AC format tournament. Indeed some of the entered were only available for the first two days... that’s expected over a *family* Bank Holiday, it just needs management flexibility, and this tournament is geared to offer exactly that – so it is a pity to report, that only nine entered this year.

In line with previous years of low entries, luxurious single banking was enjoyed for all rounds, as well as the more traditional food fare being offered – Hot Cross Buns for all on Good Friday & choccy Eggs on Sunday.
By Monday Lunchtime the calculations had been done with the following overall results;
John Beech Handicap Trophy – Paul Rigge
Peter Dowdall Cup (adv) – Paul Rigge.
Under 10 Handicap Trophy – Lee Hartley
10 & Over Handicap Trophy – Kevin Wright
Fastest Game – Lee Hartley (71mins Vs Betty Bates)
Most Games – not awarded.



Murphy Shield Vs Ripon Spa - Apr 25th.

Pendle 6 - Ripon Spa 1

Pendle; Libby Dixon(3), Keith Terry(3), Paul Dowdall(3), Garry Wilson(6)
Ripon Spa; Maggie Cowman(2), Roger l'Anson(3), Brent Gill(5), Sue l'Anson(8)

The day was forecast to be cold, wet and windy. However the teams were able to play in relative good conditions of only some light rain which did have the effect of slowing up the fast lawns. After such warm conditions of the Easter holiday most found it a little chilly at times.

In the morning the doubles were won by Pendle but not until the first two games went to 7/6 each side. The singles were one apiece therefore Pendle went into lunch with a 2/1 lead.

The afternoons play was played in occasional bright sunshine and threatening heavy rain clouds which had players rushing for waterproofs. After one short spell of rain those that had bothered to put on waterproofs were taking them off due to being too hot.

Afternoon tea was served at the end of play with Pendle carrying the day by 6 games to 1.

(PD triggered to GC Hcp 2 during the day - his AC hcp is improving too, now 6)

U3A Visit- 1st May

Eleven U3A Members decended into our club to (hopefully) enjoy their first taste of Croquet. All five courts were in service as nine members mixed with the visitors to play in a mini progressive doubles Golf Croquet tournament.
Two Games, tea break followed by another two game all with different partners lead to a single winner - Gail.


Social Play - May 4th.

Members Roger Schofield, Peter Wilson and Liz Wilson met up with Alan Clark from High Wickham who was on holiday in the area.
With handicaps ranging from ½ to 3 an all play all Advanced session was planned. As it turned out the weather was pretty chilly and so the stumps were pulled after two games and a few one ball games. Alan Clark beat Peter Wilson (failed tpo) and lost to Roger Schofield. Liz lost to Roger Schofield and beat Peter.
A good time was had by all with all sorts of crazy moves attempted. The most amazing happening of the day was Liz and Alan’s visit to the Bakery costing £7.20 for two bacon and two tuna with salad butties! Alan’s face was a picture - It seems to be a lot cheaper ooop North!

Longman Cup Vs Tyneside - May 5th.

Pendle 3 - Tyneside 4

Pendle; Robin Delves(12), Paul Dowdall(6), Catherine Parnell(8) & Garry Wilson(9).
Tyneside; David Millener(7), Derek Johnson(12), Andrew Carpenter(12) & Nora Burbidge(16)

Bugger... we were still in touch at lunch - trailing 2-1 having only taken the doubles but with only Robin & Catherine supplying wins, the day went against us.

Cath & Robin beat David & Nora +1t
Gary lost to Derek -4
Paul lost to Andrew -9

Paul lost to David -7
Cath beat Derek +8t
Garry lost to Andrew -6
Robin beat Nora +6t  

U3A Visit - 8th May

Eleven U3A Members (some the same as last week) again braved the elements to sample Croquet. The anticipated numbers didn’t materialise - well those who ‘did’ turn up didn’t really think that there would be any play, but play there was! No rain fell and four shortened GC games were contested.
Three Games, tea break followed by another game all with different partners this time resulted in joint winners - Gail (again) & Mike... Mike left before photo-op, so will catch him next week.


Pendle 'B' Level Tournament - 11/12th May


On the weekend of National Croquet Day, Pendle hosted a tournament where players came from far & wide not only to give any potential visitors something to watch, but to contest the trophy in their own right – many of whom only play in leagues as part of a team, so it was interesting, since any error would cost them dearly.
The weekend was bathed in bright sunshine and blessed with clear blue sky.
After a 5 round swizz, three players finished on 4/5, but on who-beat-who; Member and Pendle Chair, Andrew Webb was the winner..


Midweek AC League - 14th May.

Pendle 5 - Bury 2

Pendle; Garry Wilson, Robin Delves, Paul Dowdall & Andrew Webb..
Bury; Tony Phillips(3), Ken Jones(4.5), Barbara Young(6) & Margaret Eccles(14).

Robin Reports;
By superlative play from Andrew & Garry, assisted by Paul D & Myself, a comparatively strong Bury team were succumbed.
Even though Andrew forgot to use his bisque, Tony was comfortably overcome, whilst Garry returned to form, Garry beating both Ken & Barbara.
Paul D lost to Tony but beat Ken. I was a minor contributor to a win, with Andrew in the doubles versus Barbara & Margaret, but Margaret was the victor against me in the afternoon.

Thanks, in the main, to Libby, for her mowing & cleaning efforts, and to Garry, Peter & Paul D for setting the hoops and Flags and posts which indicated which lawn was which and corner pegs... White lining was attended to by me.
All in all, on a perfect summer day, the whole ground, bar the entrance path area, looked as good as ever I've seen it, and we welcomed Tyneside & Chester teams to play their Secretary's shield match on Courts 1 & 2, which was won narrowly by Chester.

Compliments abounded from members of all three visiting teams regarding the greatly improved quality of the playing conditions which we had provided compared with those which had prevailed on previous visits.
All members of our club who have contributed so generously of their time, so that such compliments may be justifiably made, should be proud in the knowledge that their efforts have been rewarded by praise.

U3A Visit - 15th May

Eleven U3A Members (now regulars) slapped on the sun-cream this time and chracked on.
Different winner this week - Syd, picked up the Jelly Babies.

Womens Development Squad - 15th May

Our Libby travelled down to CA HQ today to undergo a full day coaching at the hands of Hayes & Kibble...

Both codes of the game were available, by election every hour but most attendees selected AC to concentrate upon. Mindfulness was also covered over lunch.

Lancashire Round of National 'B' Level Series - 18th May

Will Drake presenting the trophy to Roger I’Anson ( Ripon) winner.
Second photo Abdul manager, Will Drake, Roger I’Anson winner and Richard Leach (Bury) runner up.


Visit Croquetscores... all scores.

Murphy Shield Vs Durham - May 19th.

Pendle 2 - Durham 5

Pendle; Libby Dixon(3), Keith Terry(3), Paul Dowdall(3), Will Drake(6)
Durham; Peter Tymms, Nigel Martin, Dave Parsons and George Cansino

Everyone played their best but they were too good on the day. The Durham team were very complimentary about the condition of the lawns, very envious about our facilities and praised us on the afternoon tea we provided.
Nigel Martin's Report;
After a pleasant drive across the Yorkshire Moors, the Durham team arrived to a warm welcome from the Pendle and Craven Club
In the morning, Durham won the doubles and one of the two singles to leave the score at 2-1 at lunch. The afternoon singles went to Durham 3-1, to leave the final score as 5-2 to Durham. While all the matches were completed in two games, competition was nonetheless tight with more than half of the games going to hoop 12 or 13.
The day was rounded off with some excellent hospitality from the Pendle Club in the form of afternoon tea for all.

U3A Visit - 22nd May

Fourteen U3A Members, best turn-out yet.
Another winner this week - Margaret... first time she's won a game left alone all four!

B Level League - May 25th

Pendle 4 - Bowdon 1
Pendle; Andrew, Webb, Peter Wilson and Paul Dowdall.

A good victory with Paul getting 2 excellent wins including winning the Doubles with Peter.
Andrew won both his singles games and Peter lost his singles.

Pendle Vs Crake (hcp AC) - 26th May

Pendle 5 - Crake 1

Pendle; Andrew Webb, Paul Dowdall, Robin Delves , Libby Dixon.

After torrential rain which saw most lawns with many deep puddles, it was decided to get the bow wave out of moth balls. After clearing Lawn 5 the days play was able to go ahead.
Robin and Libby winning the Doubles, Paul winning both Singles, Robin and Libby winning their respective singles and Andrew losing one and winning the other.
Robin again proving that age is no handicap at croquet!!

The photo shows the PCCC chairman and league captain bow waving lawn 5 so we could play today’s league match against Crake..


AC Inter-Counties 25-28th May

See how Paul R (Lancashire) & Robert (Yorkshire) faired at this year's counties.

Visit Croquetscores... for the scores.
Visit CA Site... for the Report.

U3A Visit - 29nd May

Six members of U3A attended today, one of the group requested at the tea break could they do a different format to the games. On the suggestion of moving to playing Games of singles most were enthusiastic. Two games of singles then proceed and was enjoyed by all.
The group have requested that can we do this again next week.
Lesley was the winner this week of the Fruit Gums...

U3A Visit - 5th June

Nine of U3A attended today. An afternoon of Single GC games, some played five in the time available!
Mike got the Fruit Gums...

AC W/E Hcp - June 2nd

Pendle 2 - Chester 5
Pendle; Andrew Webb, Robert Essler, Paul Dowdall, Catherine Parnell

Giving away 62 Bisques!
A difficult match for Pendle facing at least 1 bandit if not 2 !! Robert and Catherine won the Doubles after quite a tough match and Paul won his singles in the morning while Andrew lost 0-26 against an 18 handicap in 11/4 hours having only played 2 shots!
In the afternoon Robert led the way winning his singles while we lost all the other Singles (inc Paul losing -18 against the same ‘bandit’ in under 2 hours).
I decided to raise the issue of too high handicaps on two of Chester players with the official body. The result was that one of Chester players had his handicap reduced to 14 with the agreement of Chester. I do feel this issue should be raised by clubs when it's applicable without feeling ‘guilty’ about it.

GC Level League - June 6th

Pendle 6 - Crake 12
Pendle; Libby Dixon (3), Keith Terry (3) and Karen Bamforth (10)
Crake; David Llyod (3), David Cornes (4) and Frank Sharps(6)

The result does not reflect the close nature of many of the games within the match.
Of the 18 games played 8 games went to the golden hoop and 4 games to the 12 hoop. If luck had been on our side the result could have been a draw.
This match saw Karen step in to the team for the first time. Karen played extremely well and received praise from the opponents who said they would not like to give her bisques in a handicap game. Two of her games were lost on the golden hoop against David Llyod and David Cornes many index points ahead of her and years of more experience.

A big thank you to all the Pendle club members who provided help in setting up the lawns.

Pendle Advanced Tournament - 8/9th Jun

In the three weeks leading up to this, the manager and tournament secretary had tried to find more entries to raise the number above 9 but none were found. This small odd number produced a very difficult management task of awarding three trophies across a handicap range of over 15 steps among very few players in 1.75 days of variable weather.

To mitigate the difficulties the manager did not play and opted for one American Block with two sub American Blocks within.
(In order to keep Omeid busy on Sunday after lunch the manager did play him and Omeid achieved a Platinum break award in that game +26SXT , this game was within the tournament.)
We started Saturday in light rain with the courts playing easy but each outlined with its own peculiar mess of chaotic white line and string boundaries being sometimes shared, sometime not.
The new hoops were extreemly well set by Paul who had spent hours preparing them. At lunch the North boundary of court 4 became squelchy and was unusable. We followed that with a good meal at the Jade Palace.
Sunday's weather was beautiful. Play progressed but from a management point of view the result of two key games brought about the worst case scenario in all three events. This meant that two more rounds were mandatory and during the afternoon a three way tie break was resolved in case it would be needed.
This was a three player game of one ball, using the rules set out on the Oxford site in the document written by Kevin Carter. Richard Huxley won that but in the end, the tie break was not required.
A key moment was when Clive beat Omeid and then went on to win two more games establishing him as the winner. As a consequence, Omied then took the Chris Clarke from Richard's hands.
Finally with Clive holding the Openshaw, Steve's two wins in the sub block gave him a popular win in the Jeremy Dyer.
Thanks to Libby for catering, Robert for the cheese board and Will for spectating come rain or shine and the other players: Paul Rigge, Lee Hartley, Richard Huxley, Dennis Scarr & Liz Wilson
The Openshaw trophy remains at the club and needs engraving per the note I have left with it.
The other two trophies were taken by the winners.

David Openshaw - Clive Goode
Chris Clark - Omeid Hallam
Jeremy Dyer - Steve Skelton.

Omeid - Platinum. Handicap Change: Clive from 0 to -0.5
Report; Peter Wilson


U3A Visit - 12th June

Another dull day (weather-wise). Eleven of U3A attended for an afternoon of Single GC games, some played f ive in the time available!
Graham & John W had to share the Jelly Babies...both unbeaten.

Mid-Week AC League - June 13th

Pendle 6 - Bowdon 1
Pendle; Robin Delves, Paul Dowdall, Libby Dixon, Andrew Webb.
Bowdon Earls; John Lucas, Andrew Thomson, John Haworth, Keith Brewster.

Unbelievably, given that most clubs are submerged under rain water to the east of us, play started and was played all day in the dry.

WE Hcp AC League - June 16th

Bowdon 4 - Pendle 3
Pendle; Robin Delves(12), Paul Dowdall(6), Cath Parnell(8) & Andrew Webb(4).
Bowdon Firs; Lorna Frost(10), Barry Keen(5), Cas Sinclair(20) & Will Mellor(4).

Catherine & Robin lost to Lorna & Will -12,   Paul lost to Cas -16,   Andrew lost to Barry -9

Catherine beat Lorna +6,   Paul beat Barry +6,   Robin lost to Cas -22,   Andrew beat Will +2

Pendle 'A' Level GC Series - 15/16th June

Will Drake (far right) presented the trophy to David Widdison winner.

The extensive ground work carried out on the day before the tournament paid dividends this weekend. The prolonged scattered showers experienced had no effect on playing conditions. There was no evidence of waterlogging at anytime and the underfoot condition remained firm throughout.

Players approached the demanding scheduled enthusiastically and played expeditiously at all times. They weren’t deterred by having to put waterproofs on or having to peel them off at regular intervals.
Nine rounds of ALL play All were concluded by 6.30pm on Saturday. Tim King was undefeated with David Widdison and Paul Rigge in close pursuit.

On Sunday the high pollen count took its first casualty. Lorna Dewar who bravely combated the ailment on Saturday had to withdraw after 2 round were completed. The demanding schedule also forced 96 year old Will Drake to call it a day a few rounds later.
Play concluded at 5.15pm
David Widdison (Ripon -1) was declared winner with 13/14 wins, Tim King (Ashby -3) 13/16 was second, Paul Rigge (Pendle -2) 12/15 third and David Bell (Leicester Scr) finished fourth.

Special thanks go to Karen Bamforth who provided catering on both days. A barbecue lunch on Saturday cooked adjacent to lawn 2 whilst play was in progress.
Despite the indifferent weather, the event was a great exhibition of Golf Croquet played in an enjoyable spirit. Well done to all involved in making it a success.
Abdul Ahmad - (Tournament Manager)


Full Block results can be found on Croquetscores.

U3A Visit - 19th June

Bright warm sunshine again prevailed but only ten U3A attended for the afternoon of Single GC games.
This week's winner, Syd, got the packet of Skittles.

B Level League - June 23rd

Pendle 3 - Crake 0 (abn)
Pendle; Andrew Webb, Robert Essler, Paul Dowdall
Crake Valley; Peter Wardle (2), David Lloyd(4.5) & Ivan Wheatley(6)

Won the doubles and morning Singles, with a quick win after lunch before Peter Wardle took ill and the Crake team took him home - since the match had been lost.

U3A Visit - 26th June

Summer can be brilliant, fast courts (Robert & Libby freshly mowed), blue sky & burning sunshine. Eleven members of U3A turned up today.
Jan was the outright winner (bag of skittles) with 16 points and a three way tie for second between David, Gail and Syd all on 15 points.

GC Level League - June 27th

Chester 10 - Pendle 8
Chester; David Crawford(-2), Mark Lloyd(0) and Trevor Farrell(3)
Pendle; Paul Rigge, Paul Dowdall and Garry Wilson

What a day - blue sky, great temps...offset that with stationary traffic on M65 (multi-car smash). Still we got to venue before 10am.
After a quick brew, we started playing to the schedule as laid out for the Level GC League in strict order. Chester's lawn setting? What to write in comment about it - OK, you forced it out of me;- unmowed grass, *deep* rabbit runs in wide hoops (nearly a cm on one) & no, repeat NO half-way markers on the's nice to see such effort put-in for a club league fixture! When the issue of markers was raised - "well we can do without", so we did.....
After 14 games, the score was 7-7, so the final scoreline was really only sorted out during the last rubber...Pendle's concentration failed and the match went the *wrong* way.
(As an AC player - I still miss the lunches..)

* Pendle Team Win Fed Festival - 30th June *

Full report by Andrew, (with asides by the editor);-
Pendle had a resounding success at the 25th Northwest Federation Festival, winning both the overall Cup by taking both the AC Advanced and AC Handicap Sections, supported by the Level Play Golf team who came third.
The Adv team of Paul Rigge and Lee Hartley won all their games with something to spare.

[ed:- true but not as easy as it looked on paper. On the first Saturday, Lee took the first break round to peg in both games - and pegged his own ball out - all other clips on H1. First time, it was a joke, then the truth came out - he wanted to finish early so he could go and watch 'Toy Story 4', so since he wasn't involved in either game after 20mins, that's what he did!]
The Handicap Team of Andrew Webb, Roger Schofield, Paul Dowdall and Catharine Parnell won all their Doubles games and 2 Singles. Roger had a 100% record, and both Paul and Catherine more than played their part in the games.

There were 8 teams competing in the Hcp, and considering these were 18point games and Pendle were giving away a number of bisques, it was a great team effort.
The Golf team of Libby Dixon, Paul Dowdall and Martyn Seal ('hired' to augment our squad from Llanfairfechan) did well to come third especially doing well in the Doubles on Sunday.
It is not always easy to cajole and persuade members to play in the Festival but I found it a very enjoyable, relaxed and convivial weekend. Meeting players I have not seen for a bit. The organisation by Southport was also superb.
As a Club we have a lot to be proud of!![ed:- the Avro Shackleton Bomber (derived from the Avro Lancaster Bomber) was always described as "10,000 rivets flying in loose formation". Being a member of this club is akin to that analogy, a loose collection of croquet enthusiasts who pull together brilliantly when it matters. What a few we are!]
Andrew [& ed.]



Visit NW Fed Site... for 'proper' report.

Pendle Mid-Week Tournament - 2/5th July

Managed By Peter & Liz Wilson (Liz presenting silverware below)
The (loose) format this year was Advanced play for the first two days followed by Handicap play - interspersed with Games of Handicap we had some players just dipping into the tournament to play their prefered format on those days, but the stalwarts were happy to play anything, anytime over the four days.
The courts were a little slower than would have been desired by some due to ongoing mower issues, that will soon be resolved but it is worth noting that the visiting players helped with the groundworks to keep the surface grass as short as possible (cheers Steve & Linda).

Irish Cup - Steve Skelton
Egyptian Cup (Fastest Game) - Peter Wilson (47 ½ minutes)
Addict (most games played) – Dave Kibble
Doubles – Rigge and Dave Williamson
David Hoyle (High Bisque) - Libby Dixon
Pennine Trophy (Low Bisque) - David Gillett
David Jenkinson ('B' Level Advanced) - Roger Schofield
Pendle Rose Bowl - David Kibble



Full Block results can be found on Croquetscores.

Mary Rose Second Round - 8th July

Chester 4 - Pendle 3
Chester; John Dawson, Jerry Guest, Mark Lloyd and David Boyd
Pendle; Robert Essler, Liz Wilson, Peter Wilson, Andrew Webb

Both clubs got a bye through round one this year, so this was first outing in this National Inter-Club for both teams.
Having never met in this tournament (that we could find) before, a coin toss was used to determine which club would host the fixture - we lost, so off we went to Chester - again.

Rob & Liz lost to Jerry & Mark
Peter lost to David
Andrew beat John
Rob lost to Jerry, Liz beat Mark
Peter lost to John, Andrew beat David

Mid-week AC League - July 11th

Southport 4 - Pendle 3

NW Fed Hcp Millennium Tournament - 13/14th July

Ivan Wheatley stepped up to both play and manage this event for the Federation
His chosen format - five 18pt rounds in a swiss for the eight who entered with handicaps ranging from 3½ to 22 from Westmorland, Crake, Fylde, Bury & Pendle, ah the luxury of single banking on good true courts.
The Winner was Dave Williamson, from Crake Valley, with 4 wins out of 5 and Runner up was our Paul Dowdall, with 3 wins who had a better net hoop (?) score from Tony Phillips (Bury) who was placed 3rd.

Dave also earned a handicap reduction 22 to 16.

Ivan's Report is available on NW Fed Site.

U3A Visit - 17th July

Today the club hosted 18 U3A members in bright sunshine. Two new members of U3A turned up and enjoyed the experience. With everyone now au fait with the format played commenced quickly.
The overall winner was Syd who took this weeks title from David after a tie break. Congratulations to all.
With 4 lawns all in use club members spent their time cutting back the hedges around the container and strimming the Water Street perimeter.

20th GC Lancs Open - 20/21st July

With this year's Fixture List restoring The Lancashire Open to the top flight of competition. It’s back being an Ascot Cup Qualifier – one of Eight such tournaments held annually (Details), but the only one held in the north. It was important that the grounds and entry field lived up to expectations. Pendle didn’t disappoint (well the weather did a bit on Saturday morning but, hay ho). The club had invested in new Championship Hoops and heavily spent on improving the tuff for this major class event and did it show!

The Manager (Abdul Ahmad) welcomed twelve players from both around this country and even one from the USA (with indexes from 1396-2270), were split into two blocks of all play all (twice), with the top four from each block advancing into the Quarter-Finals of the KO.
Pendle laid out all five courts so only one game in each round had to be double banked, and each contest was of course un-timed.

As it worked out, nine rounds were comfortably completed on the first day, with the ‘missing’ final block round finished Sunday morning.
Things progressed as they should with the final, between the two top remaining seeds, starting as all the other places had been resolved, thus a ‘gallery’ of spectators could enjoy the closing contest – and what a contest!... It, of course ran the full distance as befitting a Bo3 final, with Tim thrashing Paul in game two 7-1, but nerves held and Riggey took the 'David Hopkins' silverware in the third from last year's defending champion for the first time 7-6, 1-7, 7-4.
Plate went to Jane Tewson.
The four into the 'Ascot' Pot from up here are; Riggey, Tim King, Stephen Jackson & Paul Durkin.

Full results can be found at Croquetscores.

U3A Visit - 24th July

11 U3A group plus 3 converted members (John, Graham and Jude), Hosted Jo and Trevor from Hebden Bridge.
Jan also brought a guest.
All club mallet handles got recovered

East Pennine League - 27th July

Middlesbrough Vs Pendle
Pendle:- Garry Wilson, Paul Dowdall, Libby Dixon, Robert Essler

Hmm..Despite multiple calls by us to ensure the weather wouldn’t interfere and the fixture would be held – the match *was* cancelled...JUST 30mins before we arrived...Cheers Middlesbrough.

29th July

Member Rigge has been selected by the powers that be at the CA to both play in the Kate Jones Eight at GC and the Spencer Ell Eight at AC. Both of these eights are of national status - can he win either or both, we wonder?... Clue; it's never been done before, so don't bet the house on it!

East Pennine League - 3rd August

Tyneside 4 - Pendle 3
Tyneside:- Phil Errington, Don Wright, Andrew Carpenter and Nora Burbridge
Pendle:- Andrew Webb, Paul Dowdall, Ctherine Parnell and Garry Wilson

In a close fought match up at Exhibition Park, Tyneside just scraped home the victors..

GC Level League - August 8th

Pendle 11 - Bury 7
Pendle; Keith Terry(3), Will Drake(6) & Libby Dixon(3)
Bury Monarchs; Vi Richards(6), John Gilmartin(3) & Bernard Lord(8).

The mornings play commenced under cloudy skies but ended with strong sun and temperatures of 24 deg.
At lunch Pendle were 6/3 up and the repast was enjoyed on the decking out of the strong sun. Play recommenced with copious sun screen applied in rising temperatures which was to affect all players.
Report - Libby

Second Yorkshire White Rose AC Tournament 10/11th Aug

Ever get that feeling of deja vu? Rigge experienced it over the weekend 10/11 August at York CC
He travelled over the Pennines to contest the Second holding of the White Rose Open in the rain, again.
Other entries attending came from Nottingham, Anglia, Luxemburg, London & Yorkshire, again.

The atmosphere and welcome was warm & friendly, again.
The Manager (Peter Thompson) ran it as a flexible Egyptian, again.
Weather conditions (bit of rain now & then) and Tournament dinner, at same place as last year... you get my point by now.
Even the same two players made it though the Semi-Finals KO to contest the Final,

which by now you won’t be surprised to learn also ended with a 3ball ending just like last year.
The title was again taken by Paul from a much improved Callum Johnson.. weird!

Mid-week AC League - Aug 13th

Pendle 6 - Westmorland 1

U3A Visit - 14th Aug

Today saw 9 U3A members ( which included 3 club members) commence playing the U3A League Cup. After today’s round Graham Read heads up the ladder with 110 points, 5 points ahead of Jan McLardy.


Mid-week AC League - Aug 15th

Bowdon Griffins 3 - Pendle 4
Bowdon Griffins; Lorna Frost(11), Cas Sinclair(16), Adrian Apps(4) & Chris Evans(10).
Pendle; Robin Delves(12), Paul Dowdall(7), Caterine Parnell(8) & Robert Essler(1).

Cath & Robin beat Lorna & Chris +1t
Paul lost to Adrian -1t
Robert lost to Cas -8

Robert beat Adrian +3
Robin lost to Cas -19
Catherine beat Lorna +7
Paul beat Chris +13  

Crake "Rock Clock" AC Tournament 17/18th Aug

Member Rigge travelled up the the Lake District to play in the Crake Valley Croquet Club's August Advanced Tournament having been 'forced' to miss out on their similar event in June

(due to our club hosting a rather important Golf tournament on the same weekend - the Pendle 'A' Class).
The work continues at Crake to bring the Lawns back into full use with the reserviced drains now starting to have an effect, after Friday's downpour I expected the event to be cancelled or at least notified of a late start, but not a bit of it. the 'top' courts were both dry and playable - great job CCC.
This Tournament was also notable, since it's the last event the 'Leaning Pavilion of Greenodd' will be used. Over winter it’s due to be demolished & replaced with a ‘proper’ brick building fitted with both running water *and* electricity! For a club formed in 1897, will the new ‘hut’ last as long or have as much personality?

Paul now is the only player to hold the Cavendish Clock three times.

Weekend AC League - (Thur?) Aug 22nd

Southport 3 - Pendle 2
Pendle; Andrew Webb, Robert Essler, Paul Dowdall & Catherine Parnell

The match was overshadowed as Robert Essler had to leave the Doubles game after 30 mins due to his wife having had an accident on the motorway. Fortunately she was not injured and we send our best wishes to both of them.
The games were adjusted accordingly.
The Doubles pairing of Paul Dowdall and Catherine Parnell lost 0-26 with hardly playing a shot against a Southport pairing off handicaps 18 and 14.(Peter Williams and Gail Moores). Catherine then lost her singles against Peter, 0-26!! I beat Brian Lewis (7) + 6 but lost to Gail -18. She even had 1 bisque left in the ground.
Paul Dowdall beat Brian Lewis +10. Collectivly we gave away over 30 bisques today and clearly some weren't needed!
Report - Andrew

The Kate Jones 24/26th Aug

August Bank Holiday, the CA's GC Second Eight
One local, two from the midlands and five from the 'south' met over the scorching long weekend at our club to contest the 'Kate Jones'. Format was all play all, with each round being a best of

three 13 point games.
After all Seven rounds were completed, the top four played in a KO, Bo3 Semi, and B03 Final.
The four non qualifiers played in the Plate event - 19 point single game KO (by consensus with the involved players)
The club looked magnificent, with bunting draped along the hut gutters and along the rain shelters.

Hanging flower baskets (supplied by Jan), also mounted to the hut & sheds. Lawn markers and bright white lines denoting the four full size courts (& a half size laid out for members use). The Friday mow was redone on Sunday evening after play (by one of the attending players).
Many thanks are due to Abdul, Jan, Karen, Libby & Paul R for their work in hosting this Major Event, and Stephen Leonard for the Sunday mow.

Stuart M Smith beat Tim King for the title & Stephen Custance-Baker took the Plate

Game results can be found on Croquetscores.

Mid-week AC League - Aug 28th

Chester 2 - Pendle 5
Chester; John Dawson(2.5), David Guyton(6), Brian Walton(9) & Helen Broply(9).
Pendle; Robin Delves(7), Paul Dowdall(7), Caterine Parnell(8) & Robert Essler(1).

Cath & Robin beat John & Helen +8
Paul lost to Brian -18
Robert beat David +5

Robert beat John +8
Paul lost to David -1
Catherine beat Brian +4
Robin beat Helen +7  

Spencer Ell Cup - 5/9th Sept

One of the all-time great champion croquet players was Montague Spencer-Ell who continued to win national championships despite losing his arms in the First World War, including the 'All England' in 1928.
He is credited with significantly advancing sport for disabled people and developing sports at Stoke Mandeville.
He donated a trophy to the CA for the new 'Third Eight' in 1955 - the tournament that now bears his name and is played annually over five days by those who are deemed to be the 17th to 24th best players in the country. View ( Previous Winners),
This year the entries were, in merit order;
Annabel McDiarmid
Omied Hallam
Mark Ormerod
Mike Town
Paul Rigge
Eugene Chang
Raouf Allim & Rich Waterman

As a tournament, the simple description is that it’s s all-play-all (twice), but the unique nuance of ‘The Eights’ is that all the games are untimed in a set pre-drawn order (based upon Rankings) and even the Courts are pre-assigned - this is 'Real' Croquet in the way it's ment to be played. Take your time and plan your way to victory.....or not!

In the early rounds only one player was unbeaten but by the twelfth round, it looked like a three way tie was going to be the final result – necessitating in a long final day to sort out the play-offs. Plans were made but they weren’t needed, as Omied finished two clear of the pack by lunch on Monday.
Really friendly atmosphere, good tournament dinner attended by all eight, good (in the main) weather, good closely mown courts – thank you Pendle CC, we all had fun.

Full results can be found at (Croquetscores).

GC Level League - September 12th

Pendle 14 - Chester 4
Pendle; Paul Rigge(-3), Paul Dowdall(2) & Libby Dixon(3)
Chester Chariots; James Thomas(4), Paul Taylor(5) & Jayne Taylor(5).

Using to same court setting from the weekend, but with the hoops now set to league tolerance, Chester beat the M6 traffic up and arrived just after 9am bringing the bright bouncy ‘youth’ James with them – he finished the day well up on points so his GC hcp is dropping as quickly as his AC one, but Pendle carried the day

Longman Cup - 13th Sept

As a neutral venue, our club was ‘hired’ for the quarter final match ‘tix Chester & Tyneside.

Raising star/bandit James Thomas won both his games to scorch Chester into an unassailable 4-0, Chester carried the day 5-2 by early evening..
On they go to the Semi & Final at Surbiton 5/6th Oct.

link to CA Match Report.

AC Hcp League - September 14th

Pendle 2 - Bury 5
Pendle; Andrew Webb(4), Catherine Parnell(8), Robin Delves(12) & Libby Dixon(12)
Bury Peelers; Paul Kenworthy(1), Malcolm Daines(4), Barbara Young(6) & Margaret Eccles(12)

Robin / Libby won the doubles from Barbara & Margaret and Andrew beat Malcolm Daines. Then we lost all The singles in the afternoon.

Southport "Sandiford Salver" AC Tournament 14/15th Sept

Member Rigge played in his last fixture of the season over on the coast, at Southport.
It was run as a straight KO with plenty of plate games available for both those out of the main draw and those still involved with 'quick' side games.

The first round was just a single game, but the remainder were Bo3.
Paul made the Final (which was a Bo5) against Alain Giraud(-2).
Alain raced into a 2-0 lead with two perfect 26tp's, before Paul took croquet and got his first break going (but it was after hitting the lift shot). Paul took his ball to peg & tp'd Alain's ball off. Much 'Hide & Seek' followed until Paul (for peg n peg), took out a ball.

Alain hit the reminder, scooped up to Rover, ran it & finished – a worthy winner 26tp,26tp, 1otp.

GC Level League - September 20th

Bury 3 - Pendle 15
Pendle; Abdul Ahmad (0), Paul Dowdall (2) and Libby Dixon (3)
Bury Sovereigns; Richard Leach (5), David Leach(7) and Roy Spencer(9).

Our last match in the North West Federation of Croquet Clubs LPG league saw the team travelling to Whitehead Park in Bury.
This match saw two firsts occur. Abdul returning to competitive play after 10 years and Roy after his quadruple heart bypass earlier this year. Both captains were grateful for their contribution to fulfil the team commitment, Pendle struggling due to holidays and Bury due to ill health amongst team members.
The match was played in good spirits and as at least there was no rain!

This result enabled Pendle to come 2nd in the league for 2019 behind Chester Centurions with 4 wins and 2 losses.

U3A End of Season Lunch - 2nd Oct

The celebration of Pendle and Craven Croquet Club's collaboration with Skipton U3A throughout the 2019 regular playing season ended today over a Libby supplied Luncheon & Play date.

This joint initiative was spearheaded by John Mulligan, a member of both clubs and supported by the committee of PCCC.
With thirty two U3A members signed up to play weekly croquet from May to end September many club members were drawn into help host the visitors. These club members acted as coaches under the supervision of Abdul Ahmad and Paul Rigge. From the early days the U3A players were never short of enthusiasm and now can play a 13 point golf croquet game with very little requirement of club member support.

During the season 10-12 participants turned up on average every week. The largest number to turn up to play was 18 and on a very wet cold day 9 turned up which surprised club members who were sitting in the clubhouse not believing the newcomers would show.
In August, Abdul presented a cup for the U3A league . The ladder saw all participants playing an Egyptian format each week and as the weeks passed by the leader-board changed many times as players improved their techniques & tactics.

Prize giving followed lunch and was overseen by Paul Rigge (a PCCC committee member and chairman of the North West Federation of Croquet Clubs).
The overall winner was Mike Bradbury and the leading lady was Margaret Oakden. The most games played was a tie between Sydney Matthews and Mollie Dobson who both played 17 qualifying games.
Pendle and Craven Croquet Club look forward to hosting the U3A members again in 2020 – since we already know that 32 have pre-registered their interest.

Internal GC Skelton Trophy - 10th Oct

Peter D was the day’s manager for this Golf Handicap (?) event as at least twelve members dodged showers for a 10am start. Strange Handicap system was utilized with players given a number of hoops rather than 'extra-turns'.
Three blocks of four competed, all play all within each block on three courts double banked... the late arrivals (3 others) were banished to play either friendly GC or Short Lawn AC.

After all blocks were complete, after lunch, the KO rounds started with the top two from each block progressing plus two ‘near misses’ to play from the QF.
The Final was held on the show court.. Details;
Player list:-
Pool A. Robin Delves, Libby Dixon, Graham Read, Gill Uglow.
Pool B. Paul Dowdall, Garry Wilson, Peter Uglow, John Mulligan
Pool C. Paul Rigge, Peter Dewhurst, Jan Mclardy, Will Drake.
Pool winners progressing to Quarter Finals & results.
Will Drake v. Paul Dowdall 5-7 | Robin Delves v Paul Rigge 5-7.
Garry Wilson v John Mulligan 7-6| Libby Dixon v Peter Uglow 7-3
Semi Final Results.
Garry Wilson v Libby Dixon 7-6 | Paul Rigge v Paul Dowdall 7-4.
The Final. Paul Rigge V Garry Wilson 7-4
Congratulations to Paul Rigge, winner of the prestigious model cottage, a detailed copy of a historic house in Skelton St. Colne.
Thanks to all the members who either competed or just came along. Plus a special mention to the three new members who took part.
The competition was played in a very fun, sociable and competitive atmosphere - All, thanks for making it a great competition.

Kathryn Schofield R.I.P. - 12th Oct

We are sad to announce that Kathryn Schofield died Saturday morning, at home with her beloved husband of 49years, Roger in attendance.
Kathryn (with Roger) was a founder member of Pendle & Craven Croquet Club and was a well known stalwart of the club and the NW scene.
Her funeral took place on Tuesday (22/10/19) at her packed church, the St Andrew’s Methodist Church, Barnoldswick.
The committal followed at Skipton Crematorium with refreshments afterwards at St Joseph’s Community Centre on Bollard St.

Internal One Ball Comp - 17th Oct

Peter D again summoned the great & good (well the club membership) to gather again for another club internal – this time for the One Ball.
Riggey turned up early to coach and introduce all those who had never seen/played this version before, five jioned in that 40min crash course/practice.
In beautiful warm sunshine (yeah..14 degrees) & blue sky, Peter again split the field into two blocks of seven for this handicap contest (players got a third of their full lawn allocation).
Who took the '19 title... none other than Karen Bamforth, her first Pendle Title.

Garry - "I would just like to say what a great afternoon's competition. Thanks to Peter for organising. Really enjoyed playing with our new members and golfers who may eventually turn to the dark side! In fact it was young Karen Skywalker who beat me +2 in the final - story of my life, always the bridesmaid!
See you at the next competition"
Karen - "Ahhhh! Gary you can be my bridesmaid anytime!
Thanks for a lovely day and thank you all so much for all the advise so generously offered to me today by so many of you. I feel a bit of a fraud winning this competition as without the help I wouldn't have stood a chance.
Let's have many more fun days like this please. It was great to see so many people enjoying a fabulous day if Croquet."
Gill & Peter - "Congratulations and very well done. We had a fab day too and are very much looking forward to next week."

Internal Short AC Comp - 23/24 & 31th Oct

Seven members turned out under clear blue sky to play the first day of the 2019 AC 14point short internal. Played under NW Fed rules and Handicaps but using a base 4 system.

Play was across three courts (with L1 being split down into two) on both both days with all playing all across the first two days. The biggest 'bandits' progressing into the finals.
All rounds were played in great humour (even the Final) with beginners being Coached & Advised as well as having the 'stuffing kicked out of them' - figuratively speaking.

Yet again in another internal, Garry & Paul R made it through to the last match which was played in great spirit - even with the 'gallery' joining in with some of the banter. Paul just managing to take the title in the last minute of time +2 - it was that close.

Wonder what we could do on - 5th Nov

Great Social event as during the day, members turned up and played.. 'knock-about' croquet, even a couple of games of pirates (without the 'docking' variation) were enjoyed.
Members were asked too contribute either food, booze or Gunpowder to make the early dark night memorable, and so it proved. Members gathered in the hut after play to consume Treacle Toffee, Dark & Light Parkin, Soup, Burgers, Sausages & Hot Dogs (way to much to eat) then all wandered out to watch burning wood and fireworks (as is traditional).

Internals still being fought over - 21st Nov

Eleven members all dressed like they were destined for the Russian front,

(well the thermometer did say 6oC, but that doesn’t factor in the wind chill – yes there was some) turned out to play under a cloudy dry sky either friendly knocks at Golf Croquet or Aston/Barlow AC Games.

Club AGM - 7th Dec

Members gathered in the pavilion for this year’s AGM amid copious supplies of Stollen, Mince Pies & of course Chocolates (tin of Heros).

The meeting raced through the Agenda without too much of a problem, even the executive committee was changed on the nod – out with the old, in with the new, as it were!
After another brew (and choccie), a quick pitch inspection declared the courts playable and free from disease, so no prizes for guessing what six attendees decided to do next...

Internal Aston Final - 21st Dec

Libby & Robert met to contest the final and had good weather all afternoon with the temperature a balmy 6-7 degrees.
Five other club members turned out to watch. She had sufficient bisques to mount a solid title defence and took this year's title +4 win on time.
After that, a quick game of GC before dusk on the year's shortest day.

Barlow Bowl Final - 31st Dec

Robert Essler & Paul Rigge contested the 2019 Final on the last possible date - the last day of the year. pristine in the bright (partial) sunshine.

Rob won the toss and went in first with standard East boundary opening. Rigge laid duffer which Rob missed, as did Paul!
Rob hit in and went round to 4b with easy control. Paul hit the lift and also went to 4b.
Rob missed his lift and Paul failed to get going..much interaction then followed...We rejoin the tale with Paul’s clips on Peg & penult, with Rob on 3b & 4b.

Rob advanced the 4b clip to peg and took Rigge’s ball off (Boo!). Cat and mouse for a few cycles before Paul hit Black NW of 4b, then two balled his last three hoops off the enemy ball – but missed the pegout!
Rob took a few turns to advance remaining clip to rover with Paul taking swings at the peg from East & West boundary midpoints – all missing (duh).
Rob played a dolly rush to rover but stuck in hoop! Paul shot at partial double from East boundary, hit & peeled Blue through rover and managed this time to hit the peg from 3 feet away!
Narrow margin (+2) brought the end to a really fun game.

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