Pendle and Craven Croquet Club
Cemetery Road • Earby • Barnoldswick • Lancashire • BB18 6QX
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Pendle and Craven Croquet Club
 News 2017   
13/17th CA John Beech Easter Tournament
23rd Weekend Hcp Vs Chester
29/30th 18th Lancashire Golf Open
3rd Murphy Shield. Pendle vs Culcheth
7th Advanced 'B' at Bowdon
13/14th CA AC 'B' Level Tournament
20th CA GC 'B' Level Tournament
25th Longman Cup (AC Hcp) Vs Leven & Crake Valley
31st Midweek Hcp Vs Bowdon (Earls)
1st LPG Tykes Vs Bury.
7th LPG Tykes at Culcheth.
8th Murphy Shield. Pendle at Rippon Spa
10/11th Annual CA June Advanced Tournament in Earby
14th Midweek Hcp Vs Bury
17/18th CA GC Open Level Tournament
21st LPG Tykes Vs Southport.
24/25th NW Federation Festival of Croquet
1st Longman Cup (AC Hcp) at Kenilworth
2nd Pennine Cup Hosted in Earby
4th - 7th Annual CA Mid-Week Tournament in Earby
12th LPG Tykes Vs Chester at Home.
13th Short - Vs Westmorland at Home
15th Murphy Shield. Pendle vs Belsay Hall
16th Advanced 'B' Vs Southport
20th Weekend LPG at Bowdon
23rd EPL up at Tyneside
25th Mary Rose at Pinchbeck
26th Midweek Hcp at Chester
30th Short - Pendle at Bowdon
1st Weekend Hcp at Fylde
3rd Weekend LPG at Bowdon
5th Weekend Hcp at Southport
6th EPL up at Middlesbrough
11th - 13th Annual CA Handicap Tournament in Earby
13th Weekend Hcp (on a Monday?) at Bowdon
19th EPL - Pendle Vs Tyneside
20th Short - Pendle Vs Bury
26th Weekend Hcp Vs Bury Peelers
1st Weekend LPG at Chester Chariots - Match Void..
5th Murphy Shield. vs Hunstanon (at Nottingham)
6th Short - Away Vs Fylde
8th Midweek Hcp Away Vs Bowdon Griffins
14th Mary Rose Semi-Final away at Wrest Park
16/17th All England Handicap Final at Wrest Park
19th Weekend Hcp Vs Bowdon St Marys (on a Tues?..)
30th Mary Rose Final away at Surbiton
1st Longman Cup Semi & Final Weekend away at Surbiton
3rd Murphy Shield Final. Pendle at Nottingham (to face Watford)
8th RIP Jonty Parkinson (Hcp2)
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